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Minggu, 27 Mei 2018

TAHUN AJARAN 2017 - 2018

TAHUN AJARAN 2017-2018

Rabu, 24 Januari 2018


               Mathematics House is one means of students learning process, which aims to facilitate Junior High School students in Surabaya City to more understand the basic concept of Mathematics subject. It is a routine agenda of Education Office of Surabaya City. It is opened in 5 areas, among other in: Youth Hall building (gedung Balai Pemuda), Tandes sub - district office, Rungkut sub - district office, Sawahan sub - district office, and Kenjeran sub - district office. The tutor of this activity has been provided by the Education Office. They alternately take their time to teach in Mathematics House. Each school is required to send 20 students from IX grade. 
               One of them is Trisila Surabaya Junior High School. It always participates in Mathematics house, with send 20 students to take part in this activity. they looks enthusiastic every this activity is held. they have been followed this activity for 3 times. for the first, in Kenjeran sub - district office. Second, in Youth Hall building. And recently was held in Kenjeran sub - district office again. This activity usually held after school hour, for about 3 to 5 p.m. 

Some documentations of the activity: 

The tutor looks explain about the lesson

 One of the student come forward to do some exercises

Jumat, 19 Januari 2018

Taking The Students's Learning Outcomes

               On 6th January 2018, Trisila Junior High School held an activity of taking students's learning outcomes in odd semester. To welcome the parents who are attend, the school appoints one of the representative students from each class to show their English skill in front of the class. They convey some information about the new program in Trisila Junior High School. Those programs are English Club and English Day. English Club is one of Extracurricular activity that done in Trisila Junior High School every Saturday. They learn English enjoyable because the teacher has some creative and innovative technique for the students. While, English day is held every Friday. All of the students and the teachers must speak English all day. Those programs are aim to prepare the students in facing the globalization.

One of the representative students look perform in front of the class  

Jumat, 22 Desember 2017


               In order to face National Examination on April 2018, Surabaya Education Official try to prepare all of Junior High School students to get a good score in National Examination this year. One of the way in reaching it, is held some exercises like try out. Try out is divided into two ways, there are online and offline. Trisila Surabaya Junior High School use both of them. Those are online or CBT and offline or PBT.
               Try out almost be held twice a month in Trisila Surabaya Junior High School because Surabaya Educational Official have prepared 25 package exercises in each subject. In additional there are 4 subject which will be faced in National Examination that is Indonesian, Mathematics, English, and Science.

Some documentation of the try out:

The Trisila Surabaya Junior High School students look enthusiastic and spirited in joining whole the activities which is related with National Examination. we hope all of our students can get the best score in National Examination this year.

Selasa, 19 Desember 2017

KTS Activities

KTS Activities

               KTS or well known as (Kegiatan Tengah Semester) is one of regularly activities that done by the students outside of teaching and learning process. However, this activities are still included in the school agenda and part of teaching and learning process which is done in the first semesters.
               In general, teachers ask students to learn the new things outside the school. In 2017 - 2018 academic years, Trisila Surabaya Junior High School conducts KTS activities just for seventh and eighth grade students.. The seventh grade students are asked to explore the history of Surabaya City by visiting the Hero Monument and Museum Bank Indonesia (De Javasche Bank). While, the eight grade students are asked to explore the Islamic history in Surabaya City by visiting the grave of Sunan Ampel and Sunan Bungkul.

Some documentation of the activities:

The eighth grade students are in the Sunan Ampel's grave

The seventh grade students look pay attention to the guide's explanation in the Museum Bank Indonesia 
(De Javasche Bank)