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Jumat, 22 Desember 2017


               In order to face National Examination on April 2018, Surabaya Education Official try to prepare all of Junior High School students to get a good score in National Examination this year. One of the way in reaching it, is held some exercises like try out. Try out is divided into two ways, there are online and offline. Trisila Surabaya Junior High School use both of them. Those are online or CBT and offline or PBT.
               Try out almost be held twice a month in Trisila Surabaya Junior High School because Surabaya Educational Official have prepared 25 package exercises in each subject. In additional there are 4 subject which will be faced in National Examination that is Indonesian, Mathematics, English, and Science.

Some documentation of the try out:

The Trisila Surabaya Junior High School students look enthusiastic and spirited in joining whole the activities which is related with National Examination. we hope all of our students can get the best score in National Examination this year.

Selasa, 19 Desember 2017

KTS Activities

KTS Activities

               KTS or well known as (Kegiatan Tengah Semester) is one of regularly activities that done by the students outside of teaching and learning process. However, this activities are still included in the school agenda and part of teaching and learning process which is done in the first semesters.
               In general, teachers ask students to learn the new things outside the school. In 2017 - 2018 academic years, Trisila Surabaya Junior High School conducts KTS activities just for seventh and eighth grade students.. The seventh grade students are asked to explore the history of Surabaya City by visiting the Hero Monument and Museum Bank Indonesia (De Javasche Bank). While, the eight grade students are asked to explore the Islamic history in Surabaya City by visiting the grave of Sunan Ampel and Sunan Bungkul.

Some documentation of the activities:

The eighth grade students are in the Sunan Ampel's grave

The seventh grade students look pay attention to the guide's explanation in the Museum Bank Indonesia 
(De Javasche Bank)

The Using of Edmodo Application in SMP TRISILA Surabaya

The Using of Edmodo Application in TRISILA Surabaya Junior High School

              As we know that technology has developed quickly, one of them is gadget. Now days, gadget is very familiar and become a necessary for kids, teenagers, until adult. Because of it, Trisila Surabaya Junior High School try to take advantage of it for supporting their student education. They use one of application program to help the teacher and their students get connected and stay organized in an online classroom. That is Edmodo. 
              There are many advantages of Edmodo application. One of them is the students will be able to know their result score after submitting the test. Edmodo has used by Trisila Surabaya Junior High School for midterm test and final test. For future, Edmodo also will be used in all of the teacher assignments such as individual and group test, homework, daily test, and remedial test.

The application of Edmodo in the classroom


Rabu, 06 Desember 2017

Exhibition and Workshop of International Education 2017


               Now days, taking an overseas school is a desire of many Indonesian students without the exception of YP Trisila Surabaya Junior High School students. They were so much enthusiastic in attending The International Education Expo 2017 which is held on Wyndam Hotel Surabaya. The exhibition is followed by several overseas school and university such as ISS  International School from Singapore, Future College from UK, MAHSA University from Malaysia, and etc. 

               In that event, they offer many discounts for participants who register on their booth. Through that event, the students can be motivated to studying hard in taking on the globalization and improve their knowledge about the education development in the world.

Some documentation of the event:

 The students look entering the hall.

 Taking a picture with Mrs. Vivi and Mr. Djamali

The student is asking about the overseas school information

the school staff looks explaining about the programs, fee, and facilities which is on their school

Students take some pictures with Future Col staff 

Senin, 04 Desember 2017



The Army Expo was held on Sunday, 05 November 2017 in Pakuwon Trade Center Surabaya. This event was presented by KOREM 084/ BHASKARA JAYA, which themes " Bersama Rakyat TNI Kuat". it aimed to commemorate the heroes day and to show the sophistication of Indonesian army weapons. Besides it, the students also join the cheering contest.

Some documentation of the event:
Performing on the stage
(cheering contest)

Take some pictures with Mr. Albertinus Mariano. SE (as a Commandant KORAMIL 0832/02 Genteng) 
and Mr. Eko Julianto, S.Pd. (The Principal of SMP Trisila Sby)